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Paperless Business Systems, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Randy Pape. As President and CEO with an extensive background in financial accounting and systems, Randy launched eRequester a few years later in 1999.

eRequester quickly established itself as a comprehensive eProcurement software solution. By 2016, eRequester had grown to be an industry leading spend management software suite with features like travel & expense management, inventory and receiving, intelligent PO and AP automation, Punchout, project accounting and more.

eRequester makes it possible for organization’s to implement automation and efficiency enhancements with spend controls and oversight built into every step. eRequester’s top-rated ease-of-use, ability to be tailored to each customer with useful optional modules, and a powerful and flexible approval workflow engine make it the clear choice for businesses looking to save time, money and improve financial accountability.


eRequester is a modular spend management software suite that offers a flexible and collaborative decision making process. Streamline approval workflow and boost controls using eRequester’s core system that can be enhanced with enterprise resource planning (ERP)/accounting system integration and a robust catalog of over 20 modules.

eRequester provides a comprehensive selection of spend management and approval workflow features like; Budget Control, Receiving, Inventory, Business Intelligence, Vendor Punchout with Curated Catalogs, Change Order, Project Accounting, and many more.


eRequester delivers industry leading features with Essential Packages. Each package comes bundled with a curated collection of modules designed to simplify the selection process.

Your organization can also work directly with a Software Specialist to ensure you get the features and accounting system integration specifically tailored to your needs.


eRequester is the trusted spend management solution for over 700 companies with over 100,000 users worldwide.

eRequester the best

eRequester comes top-rated by the Gartner Group, an independent industry analyst, for ease-of-use, rapid ROI, customer care and technology platform. eRequester was also rated Excellent for Application Interface by eWeek Magazine.

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